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The Momotachi® magic begins in our Hollywood design studio.  Any given day around here is filled with more laughter and drama than a drag queen fightin' for a pageant crown!  HOWEVAH, we do have Business Realness - our team consists of designer and creative director Miss Tiger ... and a talented group of upward-mobile pretty boys and divas-in-training.

Momotachi® T-shirts are manufactured and hand-sewn in the USA.  The graphic on each and every shirt is silkscreened by hand with water-based eco friendly inks. This method of printing weaves ink into the fabric making the entire shirt comfy soft.  Opulent prints retain their rich color and beautiful graphic throughout wear, washes and dries. Our shirts cost a little more because of the quality and the fact they're made in the USA and not from sweatshops.  The value is evident in the craftsmanship, sensuous fabric and the way in which they drape your body.

Our entire line of shirts are made of patented, luxuriously soft Cotton/Poly fabric. They're so comfy that you may never want to take them off.  But we suggest that you remove them during sex.  Cum stains can be a bitch to remove!

The new LOVE TOTE® is available in 5 dope designs!  Each tote adds a bold statement to your strut.  And your sashay!  They're made of imported heavy duty canvas and silkscreened by hand here in the USA.  Comfy handles are webbed and won't tangle ... everything about our totes is fabulous including the soft-to-the-touch finish. Perfect for a man-purse OR for divas on the go.

Momotachi® shirts and totes are guaranteed to be absolutely FIERCE.

Wear our shirts in their original fashion OR cut the sides to create your very own haute couture extravaganza.  We also have fun patches so you can pimp your tote!

P.S.  You may wanna buy two of whatever you order ... just in case your shady best friend goes and mops your shit.